TS Treasury Employee Pay Slip 2023 IFMIS Telangana, TS DTA, DDOReq

Visit treasury.telangana.gov.in to get the complete Telangana employee TS Treasury payslip, TS DTA, TG Cyber Treasury, DDOREQ Telangana & Salary slip, etc information. Readers can also get useful inputs on TS Telangana DDO requests, and TS Treasury Bill status.

The TS Telangana portal offers service to every Telangana state government employee including pensioners. Hence, to get your TS Telangana salary slip you have to visit www.treasury.telangana.gov.in.

However, to acquire specific information one must be wary of the process. Therefore, here we are going to help you get the required information. The website allows every government employee to generate a number of challans or receipts.

Since the TS Treasury cyber portal gives access exclusively to Telangana government employees. Thus, to avail oneself of such service certain credentials are mandatory. As you read further this article can be really helpful. Every piece of information available in this article comes from dependable sources. Hence if you have queries regarding Telangana Treasury then we can help you.

Throughout this article, our focus stays on the TS Treasury. Basically here we are going to talk about everything related to the Telangana Treasury. So feel free to check out the following contents. Get every information that you need in the subject to TS Treasury DDO request, TS Telangana login, and Telangana employee salary slip. Pensioners can also check out the TS Treasury Telengana pensioners service.

In the latter stage of the article, we have mentioned the process to check TS Telangana Bill’s status. We also have the complete steps for generating the Telangana Treasury employee salary slip.

TS Treasury Payslip

You can check your TS employee pay slip at www.treasury.telangana.gov.in. This website of Telangana Treasury provides every service in case of your financial record. So every Telangana government employee including the teacher can get their monthly payment details on this website. Therefore you don’t have to visit the Treasury office.

In fact, the employees can generate their employee payslip from the comfort of their homes. However, you do need a laptop or a computer with a proper internet connection.

As a result, acquiring one’s Telangana Treasury employee payslip has become convenient. Through the Telangana Treasury employee operation portal, you can get services for the following aspects.

  • Pay Particular
  • Previous Pay Particulars
  • Class IV GPF information
  • Employee Payslip
  • AG GPF Account Slip
  • TSGL Account slip
  • NPS Transaction Statement
  • Pension/GPF Grievance (AG).

The employee salary slip can be helpful for individuals during loan applications. Such is the significance of the payslip it verifies your employment with the State government of Telangana.

Hence, if any individual needs to download the payslip then the Telangana Treasury portal can provide the receipt. However, in order to get your payslip, you must provide the required details such as EMP Code or employee code, bank account number, etc.

In case you are not aware of the process that gives you access to your Telangana employee payslip details then let us help you. In the next section, we have mentioned each step that you have to follow to get your Telangana Treasury Employee salary slip online.

TS Treasury Payslip Check Here
Official Website https://treasury.telangana.gov.in/

Telangana Treasury Employee Payslip Online

If you want to know how to check TS Pay Slip, or salary slip online then read the following material. With the help of this section, you will know how to check your Telangana Treasury employee payslip online. Now to check your salary slip online first you need to visit the website of DTA Telangana viz www.treasury.telangana.gov.in.

On this website, you can get the information related to your payslip, GPF, tax deductions, etc. So every Telangana employee, the teacher should visit the website and go to the particular portal created for employees in particular. Furthermore, you need to have your personal details such as employee code, bank details, etc.

Since the portal of TelanganaTreasury maintains an individual financial record of each employee starting from their first month of service. Thus the best part of the Treasury Telangana employee payslip services is that you can access your payslip details for any month.

Finally, to check your Telangana Treasury employee salary slip online follow the instruction given below.

STEP 1: Go to the DTA Telangana website (www.treasury.telangana.gov.in).

STEP 2. On the homepage of Telangana Treasury look for the Employee Operation portal. When you see the portal click on it to proceed further.

STEP 3. Select Employee Payslip among other employee operation services.

STEP 4. Select the Employee Code or Account Number search option.

ts treasury
TS Treasury

STEP 5. Enter your EMP CODE and Month & Year then click on the search option.

STEP 6. You can now check your Telangana Treasury Employee payslip details.

STEP 7. To download the TS Telangana employee payslip pdf click on the Download option. If you want a hard copy click on the print option. Click for Login

IFMIS Telangana Login – TS Pay Slip Via IFMIS

The Integrated Financial Management and Information System of IFMIS Telangana is an online forum developed by the Telangana Government. The IFMIS specifically provides the Telangana employee payslip.

So those who require their TS Telangana employee salary slip, in particular, can visit https://ifmis.telangana.gov.in/. Through this website, you can download your Telangana payslip online.

Here you can check how to complete the IFMIS Telangana login in order to get your Telangana salary slip. So follow these simple steps to complete your IFMIS Telangana employee payslip download.

  1. Go to the IFMIS website www.ifmis.telangana.gov.in or https://ifmis.telangana.gov.in/#/login.
  2. On the left side of the homepage, the IFMIS Login portal appears.
  3. Enter your Login id or USER ID or Employee code and password.
  4. Now then click on the login option.
  5. Your IFMIS Telangana employee payslip should be displayed.
  6. You can download or take a printout of the slip.

NOTE: In case you forgot your password you can reset or create a new password. To complete your IFMIS login password reset follow the steps below.

  • On the IFMIF Login portal, you can see the Forgot Password option.
  • On the next page enter your USER ID of employee code.
  • Then click on the Generate OTP (One Time Password) Option.
  • The OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  • When you receive the OTP enter the code in the required field.
  • Then you can reset your IFMIS login password.

TS Cyber Treasury

To make use of the TS Telangana Cyber you have to visit www.treasury.telangana.gov.in. On this website, you can avail yourself of the service provided by the Telangana cyber treasury portal. For every employee or pensioner, Telangana Cyber offers excellent assistance. Through the cyber portal, any individual can acquire important details related to their finances.

There are several details that you can obtain with the help of the Treasury cyber. The entire list of the services provided by the Cyber treasury Telangana has been mentioned below.

Every individual who wants to obtain a bank-wise report or Ts Treasury Telangana challan verification should opt for the cyber portal. You can also get the datewise report through this portal.

If you never need to download or track your Treasury Telangana challan status then-Treasury Telangana cyber is your answer. TS Cyber treasury offers the following services.

  • Bank wise challan details.
  • Bank wise HOA Report.
  • Date Wise Report.
  • Cyber Treasury Reconciliation Report.
  • Cyber Challan Details.
  • Challan Details.
  • Mine and Geology Challan Details.
  • Treasury Bill status.
  • PD Account DDO Wise.
  • Online Bank scrolls.

However, in order to make use of such extensive service, you must have the required credentials. Such credentials are your Distcode, Stocode, Challan Number for Treasury Cyber Challan Details, DISTCODE, STOCODE, and TOKEN ID for Treasury bill status.

TS Pensioner Information Telangana Online Payslip

The TS Telangana portal provides services for the Telangana state pensioners. So you can get all your pension-related details at www.treasury.telangana.gov.in.

So every Telangana stage government pensioner is able to make use of the official website of the Telangana Treasury. Along with their payment details, there are several services available for pensioners.

Here below we have mentioned the entire list of services available to Telangana pensioners. So by visiting the website of the treasury, you can get information related to the following aspects of your pensions.

  • Pensioner Payment Information Telangana State.
  • Tax Deductions Details.
  • PPO Arrival Status.
  • Pensioner Grievances.
  • Certificate for First Payment.
  • Certificates for Family Pension
  • DR and Other Allowances.
  • Pension Not Pais Cases
  • New Pension HOA’S
  • Jeevan Pranaam Digital Life Certificate
  • Pension Excess Payment Recovery Notice.

Since the TS Telangana website has a separate portal for the pensioner. Thus in order to avail of the above-mentioned service, the individuals must be wary of the instructions from the TS Treasury.

Every pensioner can access details of the above-mentioned aspects of their pensioner only if they know the steps. Thus in our next section, we are going to tell you how to check your Telangana Treasury pensioner payslip and other details.

TS Telangana Pensioner Payslip

As we mentioned in the above section that you can generate your pensioner salary slip online. So in order to generate the slip you need to be aware of the steps to be taken.

For the pensioners of the state government of Telangana separate portal is available on the TS Telangana website. So if you are a pensioner then you need to take the service of that particular portal.

In this section, we will tell you how to get to that portal. Further on we can also get the complete steps that can help you download your TS Telangana pensioner payslip.

However, before you check out the steps make sure you have the following details. You can access your pensioner data with the help of this information which is mandatory.

  • PPO Number, Pensioner Number, And Account Number. OR
  • PPO ID and STO CODE.

Now on to the process of checking your Telangana Treasury Pensioner. As per the instruction by taking these steps you can check and download your salary slip online.

  1. Go to the website of TS Telangana (www.treasury.telangana.gov.in).
  2. On the homepage look for the Pensioners service portal.
  3. To proceed to the next page click on the portal.
  4. The Telangana Treasury pensioner’s service opens with a number of options.
  5. For Pensioner payslip select Pensioner Payment Information Telangana State.
  6. Now select your district, enter your PPO Number, Pensioner Number, And Account Number, and select type. OR
  7. You can also enter your PPO ID and STO Code.
  8. Then click on the get data option.
  9. Your Telangana Treasury Pensioner payslip details should be displayed.

DDO Request Telangana

In this section, we have important information on your DDO Req TS Telangana. The DDO Request Telangana is an important aspect of the TS Telangana portal. The DDO request allows every employee to gain access to their bill status.

In other words, you are able to track your monthly payments. So every employee who makes a monthly payment can submit for DDO request at the TS Telangana website. With the DDO Request employees are able to generate their TS Telangana bill status.

Now the bill status includes transaction details of your monthly salary, GPF, income tax projections, and more.

Every individual in need of their TS Telangana bill status must first complete the DDO request. Now complete the TS Telangana DDO request process you have to follow the instruction.

The instructions are prescribed exclusively by the TS Telangana cyber of its employees. As per the norms to submit the TS Telangana DDOR request an individual should take the steps written below.

  • First, go to https://treasury.telangana.gov.in/ddoreq/.
  • The TS Telangana DDO homepage appears.
  • On the right side of the page, you can see the login Option.
  • Now Click on DDO Login.
  • Now enter your DDO Code and Password.
  • Then click on the submit option.
  • On the next page select the Bill preparations service.
  • Enter your bill id and select the month and year of bill status.
  • To proceed further click on the OK option.
  • At, last you can now check the complete TS Telangana bill status.

NOTE: The steps given in this section allow individuals to check their Telangana Treasury Bill status.

Telangana Treasury E-Kuber

Here we are going to take a look at the Telangana Treasury e-kuber facilities. So, the information in this section is specifically for those who need help with the Telangana Treasury e-kuber. However, before we proceed further we would like to brief our readers about the Telangana e-kuber facilities. Now under the provisions of the E-Kuber a single current account for each bank across the country.

Basically, it is the decentralization of financial transactions. Through the Telangana Treasury e-kuber, individuals can get every scheme detail passed through the Telangana Treasury.

Hence you can check details related to Pension, Salary, Rythubandhu, Milk, Kalyanalakshmi(old), Budgetbills, and Scholarships. These are the complete scheme under the Telangana Treasury e-kuber.

But like every other service to make use of TS Treasury Telangana E-kuber you need to have the mandatory details. You must have your account number, to get the scheme details, bill details (UTR NO), and bill details (Account number).

In order to get the Treasury Telangana E-kuber details, you can visit the www.treasury.telangana.gov.in website. Once you are on the home page of DTA Telangana place your curser on E-kuber and click on your preferred service.

To check your details under Telangana Treasury E-kuber you must have the following details:

  • Pension: PPO Number.
  • Salary: EMP CODE Or Employee Code.
  • Rythubandhu: PPB Number.
  • Milk: FARMER ID
  • Kalyana Lakshmi(old): KALYANALAKSHMI ID
  • Budget bill: STO CODE And TRANS ID ( Transaction ID).
  • Scholarships: EMP CODE or Employee Code

Telangana Treasury Challan Form Download

Those who are looking for Telangana Treasury challan form download steps should read this section. This section can be useful for those looking for Telangana E-Chalan services. Since the entire financial or accounting aspects of the State of Telangana are monitored by the Telangana Treasury. As a result to download the challan one must visit the website of the Telangana Treasury.

By the end of this section, you will know how to complete the Telangana Treasury challan download. And you will also be able to make the Treasury challan Telangana online payment.

Being able to download the challan online or making challan payment saves a lot of time. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the convenient service of the TS Telangana portal then ake sure to check out the following steps.

At first, we will tell you how to download the Treasury challan Telangana and then the steps to make the Telangana Treasury challan online payment.

STEP 1. First, go to www.treasury.telangana.gov.in. This is the official website of the Telangana Treasury.

STEP 2. Now when you are on the homepage look for the Service portal. You don’t have to click just place your cursor on the Service portal. As soon as you place your cursor you will see 4 different options including Challan.

STEP 3. Now take your cursor on the Challan option. You will see 3 options. Click on the Challan form.

STEP 4. The Telangana Challan form appears on your screen.

STEP 5. Fill up the challan with proper details. Details with your Treasury office, DDO Code, Customer ID, etc.

STEP 6. Once you check the information you have mentioned in the challan. If the information is correct then you can click on the Print option.

Telangana Treasury Challan Payment

Now it’s time for us to help our readers know about the steps to make the Treasury Challan Telangana payment. Make no mistake this section here can help you make your e-challan Telangana payment.

Those who want to generate their respective Tealangan E-challan can download it from the website of TS Telangana. However, to download the challan you need to go to the challan portal.

Here we have the steps that you need to take to generate an e-challan online. And once your download the challan you must make the payment in a nearby branch of the respective bank.

  • Go to www.treasury.telangana.gov.in.
  • On the homepage place your cursor on Services.
  • Among the options displayed go to Challan.
  • Now click on the e-challan option.
  • The challan will be displayed on your screen.
  • Then enter your details.
  • Click on the print option after you fillup the information.
  • Finally, make the payment in the nearby branch of the bank.

NOTE: To check your Telangana Challan status and wise details you can opt for the Cyber Treasury portal. The Cyber treasury portal offers Challan verification from the bank, STO-wise challan details, etc.

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How do I download a TS employee payslip?

For Download your TS Employee payslip visits the https://pdtreasury.telangana.gov.in/. Then click on Pay Slip Button Available on the Right side top Corner. Then a new window will be opened. Now Select Employee Code OR Account Number and click on the search option by entering Employee Code/ Bank Account Number. Then Your Details will be displayed.

How do I find my TS employee ID?

TS employee code is a unique code and this code you will get from your organization.

What is DDO in Treasury?

In Treasury, DDO stands for Drawing and Disbursing Officer. DDO is the officer responsible for drawing funds from Treasuries and disbursing them to proper recipients.

What is the employee code?

An employee code is a unique id for every employee. All employees of any organization have an employee code to check their payslip and account details online.

About TS DTA Telangana

The Directorate of Treasuries Accounts Telangana or Telangana Treasury is a department of the Government of Telangana. Now, this department comes under the administrative supervision of the Finance Department.

The DTA Telangana is responsible for monitoring the entire financial aspects of the State. So every financial transaction or expenditure record of the State of Telangana is maintained by the DTA.

The organization of the TS DTA has three major branches. Such branches are the District Treasuries, Pension Payment Office, and Accounts Branches in HoD.

Further, each of these offices under the State DTA has its sub-offices except the Office of the HoD. Each office has a specific function and covers a particular area of jurisdiction.

Therefore, every payment to be made by the state or to be paid to the government is accepted by the DTA Telangana. Hence, The DTA Telangana has a critical role to play for the employees, pensioners, and citizens of the Telangana stage.

Ever since the introduction of the Telangana Treasury online forum, every individual can easily gain access to vital information. You can check your Telangana Treasury bill status, and TS Telangana employee payslip.

The online service also allows you to submit online Telangana DDO Requests, provides Telangana Treasury Pensioner information, etc.

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