MP Treasury Pay Slip 2023 IFMIS Salary Slip Online Via IFMS Portal

Login to the IFMIS MP Treasury pay slip website i.e. and check your Madhya Pradesh Cyber Treasury Employee Salary Slip Report, DDO Request, and IFMIS Login details online. Furthermore, by the end of this article, you can know how to complete your MP Treasury Challan download. Hence, concerned readers should check out this article.

We will ensure that you are able to get every single piece of information related to the MP Treasury. So readers should also carefully read out the various sections of this article.

Since there are different sections in this article we would like to point out the topics covered in the following section. In the following section check MP Treasury payslip download, IFMS MP Payslip login, and reset password steps.

You can also get information about Madhya Pradesh Treasury DDO requests, MP Challan search, and MP Treasury PPO. At the end of this article, you should also check out the MP Treasury FAQ.

IFMIS MP Treasury Pay Slip 2023 Online Download

As we mentioned in our previous section that the MP Treasury provides the payment details to the employees. So here we are going to tell you how to check your MP Treasury Employee Salary report online. With the help of this section, you should be able to check your MP Treasury Pay Slip.

You can check your payslip for the previous month or for any month since your appointment. However, as per the norms, you must have the required details. Furthermore, you should follow the official process. In fact, you cannot check your payslip at portals other than that of the MP Treasury.

Thus, make sure to prefer the MP Treasury website if you want to generate your monthly payslip. So let us tell you what you need to access your payslip details.

  • First, you need your Employee Code.
  • Secondly, you must be aware of the steps that you should follow. If you cannot check your payslip then you should consider taking the steps we have mentioned below.

STEP 1. First, you have to go to the official MP Treasury portal. But you can directly go to the employee service portal viz.

STEP 2. Once you click on the link given above you should be where you need to be. Now among those options place your cursor on the REPORTS option.

STEP 3. Now after a click on Reports, a new page will open. Then you have to click on the EMPLOYEE REPORT option and then click on Employee Salary Report.

STEP 4. On the next page, you need to enter some of your personal details. First, enter your EMPLOYEE CODE then select the month and year.

STEP 5. In the final step click on the Submit option. You should be able to see your MP Treasury Employee Pay Slip details.

STEP 6. You can either download your payslip or get a print of the desired payslip.

MP Treasury Pay Slip Click Here
Official Website

IFMS MP Treasury Employee Pay Slip Login Online

You can check your MP Treasury employee’s personal details from the portal of MP IFMS. The IFMS or Information of Financial Management System also provides you with the necessary service that is subject to the employee payslip.

To check your payslip through MP Treasury IFMS you must first need go through the IFMS Personal login. The completion of the IFMS MP Login is mandatory. So you are going to need your user id and your login password.

Like the official MP Treasury portal, the IFSM also maintains a personal account of the employees. So in order to provide the correct details, the portal requires certain details for the identification of the user.

Hence it is important to provide the correct login details. So you cannot access details of individuals other than your own.

  • Even though with the correct login credentials you need to know the whole process of login. So for those who are unaware of the process or rather steps the following instructions can be useful.
  • First, visit the website
  • On the homepage click on the Employee Login option.
mp treasury pay slip
MP Treasury Pay Slip
  • The login page appears. Here you need to enter your USER ID and Password.
  • Then click on the Submit or Login option.
  • After you click on the login or submit option your IFMS MP Treasury payslip details will be displayed.

IFMS MP Treasury Login Password Reset

To reset or create a new IFMS login password you must visit the IFMS MP Treasury portal. Due to the fact that you can create a new password only through the IFMS portal. But, since you can create a new password online all you need is a few minutes. Unless you are unaware of the steps that are involved.

Your MP Treasury IFMS Login password is as important as your User name or id. So try not to forget your password. However, in case you do forget just knows that you can always reset your password.

Even though you remember your password still you should least be aware of the process.Because you may need it when you are unable to log in due to an incorrect password.

So without waiting for much of your time below you can check the complete process of MP Treasury IFMS reset the password. By following these steps you can create a new password.

  • Visit the website of MP IFMS via
  • On the homepage select your preferred language ( Hindi or English).
  • Now enter your IFMS user id number. Then click on the Submit option.
  • You may need to provide an active email address or your mobile number.
  • Once you receive the OPT. You need to validate it in the required field.
  • Then follow the instruction to finally create the new password.

MP Cyber Treasury

The MP Cyber Treasury developed by the MP Treasury offers excellent services. Individuals can make their payment of State Taxes/ Fee through the “Cyber Treasury”. In fact, you don’t need to visit your respective MP Treauwyr office.

Hence, the MP Cyber Treasury was developed for the purpose of making e-payment. As a result of the development, you can make online payments anytime, anywhere with the help of the internet.

Once you have made the payment make sure to receive the acknowledged receipt bearing the Challan Identification Number. So in order to verify your payment success through the Cyber Treasury, you need your Challan identification number.

Although the MP Cyber Treasury is available for all departments. Here below we have listed some of the departments for which you can make an online payment. So next time you can make your payment from your home.

Commercial Tax Mineral Resources Dividend & Profit Town & Country Firms & Societies. School of Education. PD (Mining) Loan & Advances. Law/Court Fee. PD ( Village). Stamp & Registration Fee. Labour. NSP Contribution. Excise. Revenue.

Since the MP cyber Treasury services are available 24 hours. You should make sure to pay your outstanding government fees. In order to confirm your payment, you can verify your Challan Identification Number at

MP Treasury Challan Search By CIN/CRN

The MP Treasury Challan is important for those who have paid their dues through the cyber treasury. In order to confirm or verify your payment, you need to check out the challan status.

In order to verify your payment, you have to visit the official website of the MP Treasury office. There you can search for your challan status with the help of your challan number.

Along with making e-payment of your pending challan for any department, you can track your MP Treasury challan status online. To trach your challan status you need your challan number.

So once you have paid your MP Treasury Challan you can check the status online. You can use the challan number to search for your challan. In order to search your challan status follow these steps.

  1. Go to
  2. Now on the left side look for the Challan Search by CIN/CRN option.
  3. When you see that option click on it.
  4. Now Select your preferred option (CIN or CRN).
  5. If you click on Challan Search By CIN then enter your CIN number and click on submit.
  6. If you choose Challan Search By CRN number then enter your CRN number and click on submit.
  7. Now you should be able to see your MP Treasury Challan Status.

MP Treasury DDO Request, DDO Wise Employee Details

In order to present the bill to the Treasury, you must first submit for the MP Treasury DDO Request. As per the provisions, the bill can be presented through the DDO. Hence submitting your DDO request is mandatory.

The proposed bill must be prepared according to the prescribed format. Hence there are several requisites. So make sure to prepare your bill according to the official preferences.

Once you have prepared the bill as per the official requirement. Then you can finally present it to an active DDO. Once the bill has been passed the treasury office issues an acknowledgment number.

Therefore, once you receive the acknowledgment number you can finally check your bill status. Hence the number can help you with your bill search. In order to search your bill, you need an internet connection, then you need to visit

DDO Code MP Treasury

There are different MP Treasury DDO codes. Since there are different divisions of the MP Treasury, Hence in order to present the MP Treasury DDO request the code of the specific treasury division is required.

Now, you can get the entire MP Treasury DDO Code list online. Interested individuals can visit the official MP Treasury website. So you can check the DDO code of your respective office from your laptop or a computer.

Without the DDO Code, you cannot check the DDO-wise expenditure & Balance Allotment Report. Similarly, in order to check your DDO employee-wise report, you need your respective DDO code.

Thus here we bring you the complete MP Treasury DDO code list. You can either check the code of your area or download the MP Treasury DDO code PDF. Make sure to remember or note the DDO code for future use.

MP Treasury Pension

Along with the payslip details of current employees, the MP Treasury also maintains the MP Treasury Pension accounts and details. So every pensioner can check their MP PPO Status or MP Treasury Pension slip details online.

Thus, the record of every MP pensioner can be obtained from the website of the MP Treasury. However, as a pensioner, you must be able to ensure your identity. So to gain access to your MP PPO details certain details are mandatory.

Through the MP Treasury website, you can get details of the first pension payment report, and report on pension grievances. Along with these reports, you can also check other reports as per your concerns.

Here below is the entire list of MP Treasury Pension slip reports that you can have access to. So when required you can simply visit the portal and acquire information as per your queries.

Other State Drawing Pension Report ( Treasury Wise). Other State Drawing Pension Report ( Category Wise). Department Wise Finalised Pension Cases ( Monthly Report). Division-wise list of pending pension cases ( Monthly Report). Treasury Wise List of Pending pension cases ( Monthly Report).

In order to check any of the above-mentioned reports, you have to follow the official instructions. Here we have written the complete steps to help you get the necessary MP Treasury Pension details.

  • Initially, visit the website of the MP Treasury (
  • On the homepage place your cursor on the Pension Report option.
  • Now click on the desired report.
  • Next enter the required details.
  • Then click on the Submit option.
  • Finally, you should have the details on your screen.

MP Treasury Pay Slip 2023

As per the norms, every MP government employee can check their monthly payment records. Now, these records can be known with the help of the monthly MP Treasury Pay Slip. Since the MP Treasury offices govern the entire financial aspects of the state. Thus, the employees can acquire the monthly payslip from the MP Treasury office.

Hence, the MP Treasury provides the monthly salary statements. The office maintains a personal account of each employee. In fact, employees can check their accounts with the help of their id credentials.

So with the help of the payslip, you can be aware of every detail related to your monthly payments. As per the provision, you can check the payslip for any month.

As a matter of fact, you can check the payslip of your first month in service. In other words, you can have your payslip account after your appointment. Therefore, make sure to be aware of your payslip credentials.

Now as per the significance of the payslip is concerned. Readers should know that the payslip can be crucial at times. Most importantly the payslip verifies your employment.

Based on the official statement you should generate your payslip online. So to acquire an online payslip you have to visit the website of MP Treasury. Henceforth, in the following section, you can check the steps to download your MP Treasury Pay Slip 2023.

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Here we have mentioned some questions along with their answer to help our readers. All these questions are relevant to the MP Treasury and its services.

Now although we have covered almost every aspect of the MP Treasury. However, did not mention some information or rather answer some of the frequently asked questions.

Hence, here along with since question, we are going to give you the answer. So check out the following FAQ and their answers. We are certain that you may have such a question.

How to check MP Treasury DDO Wise Employee Details?

Since you already know that you can check MP Treasury DDO wise employee details online. But you must visit the official website of the MP Treasury.
To make things easier for our readers.

We have mentioned the steps along with the link to the MP Treasury. So click on the link and follow the instructions given below to check MP Treasury DDO wise employee details.

1. Go to this website
2. Now a number of options appear. Place your cursor on Employee Reports.
3. Then click on the DDO Wise employee details.
4. Now enter your respective DDO Code.
5. Your details appear on the next page.

How to Check DDO Wise Expenditure & Balance Allotment Report?

The answer to this question is similar to the previous question. You can check it online. But you need to select the proper option. So if you are unaware of the steps then you can follow the steps written below.

-> Visit this link
-> On the homepage place your cursor on the Expenditure reports.
-> Then you need to click on DDO Wise Expenditure & Balance Allotment Report.
-> Now on the next page select your Financial year and your DDO Code.
-> Then click on the Submit option.
-> At last, you can check your MP Treasury DDO wise Expenditure & Balance Allotment Report.

Can a PPO Be Transferred from one state to another?

Well, our answer to this question is yes you a PPO can be transferred from one state to another. However, in order to complete the transfer, you must fulfill certain requisites.

Now if you want to transfer your MP PPO to another state then you must first make a formal request. In other words, you have to submit a written request to your respective Treasury office.

Once you have submitted your request your request will be sent for transfer. The MP Treasury informs the pension office and the bank. Finally, a transfer request along with your details will be sent to your desired State’s treasury office.

What are the MP Treasury Employee Details?

Basically, the MP Treasury Employee details mean your monthly payment record. Since every government employee receives a monthly salary pay. Now the transaction details of the salary payment are maintained by the MP Treasury office.

The employee details are also known as the MP Treasury payslip details. Now through this employee’s personal details, you can generate your MP Treasury payslip.

What is the Important of MP Treasury Pay Slip?

The important aspect of the payslip is that it approves of your employment with the government. So every government or non-government organization offers a monthly payslip to its employees.

Other than confirming the employment of an individual the payslip contains sensitive information. Hence, in order to get the payslip, an individual must provide certain details.

The MP Treasury employee payslip contains details related to the payment that occurs every month. So along with your salary payment details, you can check the deductions of loan, GPF and tax projections.

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