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Check DSC Payslip online at www.paodscknr.gov.in and Download DSC Kannur Monthly Pay Slip, Salary Slip, and PAO Unit Mobile App from PAODSCKNR official website.

First thing, the DSC salary statement approves one’s employment with the DSC. Hence, the DSC Pay Slip can be utilized during loan applications, etc. So, the organization provides a monthly payslip to every DSC employee.

The organization through the POA maintains the complete payslip record. Therefore, employees can access their payslip records. In fact, they can check their monthly statements starting from their first month of service.

However, the most important details are the deductions of amounts. Once the salary has been transferred the GPF, PF, and loan installments are deducted. And there are the income tax projections.

Now in order to check or download DSC Monthly Pay Slip, the employees must first complete their POA login. Since there are different units under DSC individuals must log in as per their unit.

DSC Pay Slip 2022 Online at www.paodscknr.gov.in

This section contains information for the DSC Pay Slip login. Here we shall tell you how to complete your PAO Army login. Hence, the information in this section can be useful for DSC army unit employees. Every year a number of individuals join the Army and once the individuals are recruited they are given their respective Army id numbers.

Now, this id number has a dual purpose. First, an Indian Army personnel can be identified on the basis of the id number. Second, this id number will be required for generating the DSC army payslip. So after the recruitment, you can use the id number to check your monthly PAO army payslip.

Hence, every army personnel has to produce their respective login credentials. With the help of your army login credentials, you can specifically access your PAO payslip details. So, without your Army login details, PAO does not give access even to your personal account.

Here below you can check the complete PAO DSC Army login steps. But first, make sure you have the following details at the time of login.

  • Army Id Number.
  • PAO Army Login Password.

Now to log in follow these steps below:

STEP 1. At first, you have to visit the official website of the PAO in order to get to the login portal. So go to this website www.paodscknr.gov.in.

STEP 2. As soon as you go to this website you will be redirected to the PAO login portal. Here you need to click on the Unit Login option.

STEP 3. Once you have clicked on the Unit login option wait for the login portal to appear.

STEP 4. When the login portal appears you need to enter the required details. SO enter your PAO Code.

DSC Pay Slip
DSC Pay Slip

STEP 5. OTP to be sent to ‘Registered Mobile No’.

STEP 6. Type ‘OTP’ and press the ‘submit’ button to open ‘Login Page’.

DSC Pay SlipCheck Here
DSC Websitehttps://dsc.gov.in/otpunt.aspx

PAO Unit Login – www.paodscknr.gov.in

The PAO Unit login service is available for DSC employees other than army personnel. Even though you have been recruited by the DSC under the Unit category you can check your monthly DSC Pay Slip details.

Similar to the PAO army login DSC unit login can be completed online. For that, you need to go to the official website of the Pay Accounts Office. Eventually, you need your respective login details.

Now those under the DSC unit category cannot log in through the PAO Army login portal. In fact, the website of PAO offers an exclusive portal for DSC PAO Unit login.

Below you can check the login details that you will need at the time of your PAO unit login.

  • Unit Code.
  • Login Password.

If you have the above details with you then you can log in. If you want to know how to complete your PAO Unit login then read the steps given below.

STEP 1. Initially, you need to visit the Pay Account Office portal. Here is the official link for the portal www.paodscknr.gov.in.

STEP 2. Within a few minutes, you should be on the homepage of the PAO. On the homepage, you will see 3 different login options.

STEP 3. For DSC unit login you have to select the Unit Login option. On the next page, the PAO unit login portal opens. Here you have to enter your Unit code and your Password.

STEP 4. Click on the Submit option once you have entered your respective login details.

STEP 5. Once your login is successful the portal displays your respective PAO DSC Unit payslip details.

STEP 6. Finally, you can check your Unit payslip for any month.

PAO DSC Kannur Payslip 2022 PDF

DSC employees can either check their payslips online or download the DSC payslip pdf. The online PAO services enable every individual to download the pay for their respective requirements. As mentioned earlier that the PAO payslip is an important piece of document.

Thus, individuals may require a slip for various reasons. Therefore, you should know how to complete the DSC salary slip pdf download. Now the process is simple. But there are specific steps that must be followed. Since we already informed our readers that the PAO offers service according to the unit.

However, once you have completed the initial stage rest is pretty similar. As a matter of fact other than your login specifics you need to follow the same steps regardless of your category.

To make things even simpler we have the complete process down below. Now if you want to know how to complete the PAO DSC payslip pdf download, there follow these steps.

  • STEP 1. First, you need to complete your login. So go to the official portal of PAO or Pay Accounts Office viz. www.paodscknr.gov.in.
  • STEP 2. Now once you access the homepage of PAO you can see different login options. You should select the login option according to your category. So select Army Login ( Army Personnel) or Unit Login ( Unit personnel).
  • STEP 3. The login portal appears on the next page. Here you have to enter your Army Number ( Army Login) or Unit Code ( Unit Login).
  • STEP 4. Now click on the Submit option to proceed further. If you enter the correct credentials you can finally, check your personal PAO account displayed on your screen.
  • STEP 5. To acquire a printout copy of your PAO Payslip you can click on the print option. But in order to get the DSC payslip pdf click on the Download icon.

DSC Pay Slip Password Reset Steps

Many DSC employees can be unaware of the DSC Pay Slip reset password process. So let us inform you that you can change your password online within a matter of minutes.

Although as per the norms you cannot create a new password by yourself. So in order to reset the password, you have to follow the instructions. In fact, you need to inform your respective administrator to reset your password.

Here administrator means the admin of the website. So, basically, you need to inform the admin to reset your DSC employee payslip password. For the record, you cannot change or reset your password through another process.

Hence, if you want to reset your password you must first contact your PAO administrator. But before you inform the admin to reset your password make sure to have these details:

  • Army Number ( Army personnel).
  • Unit Code ( Unit Personnel).
  • Personal Mobile Number ( Currently active).

So in order to reset your DSC password, you just need to contact your administrator. Hence, creating a new password can be a simple task for those who are aware of the instructions.

Indian Army DSC Payslip Mobile App

The PAO has recently developed the official DSC Pay Slip app for mobile. However, with this application, you can check the payslip of every defense force. So regardless of your organization, you can download this appl and then check your payslip from your mobile.

Hence DSC employees can also download this application and use it to generate their payslip. Interested individuals can download this app from their respective application providers. Thus, you do need a proper internet connection to complete the download.

Now once you have downloaded this app you need to log in with your respective id and password. You can download the application without any cost or charges.

Here below we have written the complete download process. You should follow these steps to download the DSC payslip mobile app.

  • STEP 1. Open your application provider such as Google Pay.
  • STEP 2. Go to the search bar and type PaySlip ALL DEFENCE FORCES. Then click on the search bar.
  • STEP 3. Now a number of applications appear. You need to select the first app that says PaySlip ALL DEFENCE FORCES.
  • STEP 4. Then click on the Install option and wait for the app to install on your mobile.
  • STEP 5. After the installation opens the application, A login page appears.
  • STEP 6. You need to enter your login details and password. Make sure to select your organization.
  • STEP 7. Finally, click on the submit option, You can then check your monthly DSC payslip details.

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Although the article covers every aspect of the DSC monthly payslip. Here we would like to mention some of the frequently asked questions about the PAO DSCKNR payslip.

How to check DSC monthly payslip?

Now many individuals have such concerns. This happens mainly due to inadequate information. We have come across individuals who would like to know how to check all month’s DSC Payslip details. In order to check your monthly DSC payslip, all you need to do is complete your login. Now you should be concerned about the PAO login which brings us to our next question.

How to complete PAO Payslip Login or Unit Login?

By visiting the PAO portal you can complete your DSC employee login. There are different login options available on the homepage of the PAO. Thus you need to select the login page according to your preference. For instance, DSC unit employees cannot use the PAO Army login portal. Hence be very specific when you are trying to log in to your PAO payslip account. Finally, when you wish to log in to your PAO DSC payslip account make sure to have the correct user id and password.

How to Reset DSC Payslip Password?

Many individuals forget their DSC payslip password which then hinders their loin. However, if you lost your old password you can create a new one. Basically, you can change your password by contacting your PAO administrator. The administrator helps you create a new password. Once you have informed your administrator make sure to follow the instructions.

What is the DSC Salary Structure?

Since the DSC is a Union government agency you can enjoy a handsome monthly salary package. However, your monthly payments will depend upon your rank or designation. To know more about the DSC monthly salary package you can check our DSC salary structure section above. You can also know the grade pay and military service pay offered to each rank.

About DSC (Defence Security Corps)

The DSC or Defence Security Corps was raised on 25th February 1947. It was then known as the Defence Department Constabulary Centre. Initially, the DSC had a total strength of 31 000. At present, the number of DSC personnel has grown over the years.

Based on the priority the DSC was formed to provide security to government facilities. Thus in terms of the functions, the DSC and CISF are similar in these aspects. Like the CISF the DSC ensures security and protection of the sites of the Defence Ministry, Government of India.

However, the DSC is not a paramilitary force since it comprises mainly soldiers who are ex-servicemen of the Indian Military. But the DSC like every other Central Armed Force is governed by the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Government of India.

In the initial stage, the DSC was formed as a semi-police force. Thus the ranks, badges, and titles were that of a police department. But in 1948, it was replaced by the military ranking, badges, and titles respectively.

As of August 1959, the DSC was transferred to the Indian Army Headquarters after the re-organization of the force. As a result the then DSC Records were moved from Delhi to Chakrata in Uttar Pradesh ( Presently Uttarakhand). It was on 21st November it was again moved to Kannur, Kerala.

As per the DSC recruitment the force offers employment to ex-servicemen of the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force respectively. Recruited individuals go through the training period. After the completion of the training, the recruits are dispatched for their respective duties.

The recruits can be selected for various agencies under the Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Air Force. DSC also recruits individuals for the Territorial Army, Directorate General of Ordnance Factories, and Directorate General of Research and Development.

Other than providing security and protection to Government facilities the DSC was actively involved during the Pathankot attack in 2016. During this operation, 5 DSC personnel of this unit died in the action.

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